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Container cargo transportation is carried out with the use of cargo containers of various modifications. This type of transportation allows the delivery of goods by various means of transport (sea / road / rail) reducing the amount of intermediate loading and unloading. The container is a universal means of transport and can be moved with the replacement of the vehicle en route excluding the access to the cargo.

— Ease of loading: weight and dimensional characteristics of cargo containers are suitable for loads of various types and parameters.
— Versatility: cargo containers comply with international standards applied worldwide. These standards allow the use of any means of transport for the transportation of containers.
— Cost of transportation: one of the most economical ways of delivering cargo over long distances.
— High level of safety: cargo containers are sealed and durable.


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Where do LLC «RUZSPEDITION» deliver cargo


Cargo transportation geography
– cargo transportation from Western Europe (Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Great Britain);
– cargo transportation from Central and Southern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, as well as Balkan countries and Turkey);
– cargo transportation from the Baltic States and Scandinavia (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark);
– cargo transportation from BENELUX countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg);
– cargo transportation in the CIS;
– cargo transportation from / to China.

Types of containers
REF (refrigerators): suitable for products that require storage in low temperature conditions.
OPEN TOP: open top containers are used for transportation of oversize loads.
FLATRACK: a platform (reinforced bottom of a container) that is used for transportation of overweight or oversized loads.
TANK: tanks are intended for container transportation of bulk liquid cargo.
STANDART/HIGH CUBE: intended for transportation of piece loads, packaged and unpackaged, liquid and dry bulk, oversized.

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