Truck cargo transportation, Minsk


железнодорожная доставка грузов

LLC «RUZSPEDITION» offers railway transportation of cargo for those who want to deliver the cargo relatively cheap if the delivery time is of little significance. This delivery method also allows you to transport goods that cannot be transported by road.

Types of cargo transported by rail

  • Packaged cargoes with mechanized or manual loading (transportation in containers or covered cars).
  • Heavy and oversized cargoes with crane loading (on platforms, conveyors or in open cars).
  • Bulked cargoes (specialized rolling stock or in ordinary open).
  • Cars and special cargo (specialized cars).


Main lines of railway transportation

  • Belarusian Railways
  • Russian Railways
  • railways of Central Asia and the Baltic States


International truck cargo transportation by LLC «RUZSPEDITION»

3 hours to process a standard request Optimum ratio of price and quality Team of professionals (average experience of our employees in logistics – 8 years) Quality control system of cargo transportation organization

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