Container transportation is carried out using cargo containers of various modifications. This type of transportation allows the delivery of goods in any way (sea / road / rail), reducing the volume of intermediate loading and unloading operations. The container is a universal means of transport and can be moved with the replacement of a vehicle on the way, excluding access to the cargo.

We keep our finger on the pulse – work in the field of international logistics is impossible without understanding the economic and geopolitical situation in the regions where your routes lie.

The specialists of our team use the most effective logistics solutions, choosing the most convenient route for the client, which reduces the cost and time of cargo delivery. Thanks to the accumulated professional experience, understanding of the Client’s needs and individual approach, we strive to become one of the best companies in our industry.

3 hours to process a standard application

The optimum ratio of price and quality

Team of professionals (average experience of our employees in logistics is 8 years)

Quality control system for the organization of cargo transportation


— cargo transportation from Western Europe (Germany, Italy, France, Spain, England);

— cargo transportation from the countries of Central and Southern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, – countries of the Balkan region and Turkey);

— cargo transportation from the Baltic and Scandinavian countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark);

— cargo transportation from the BENELUX countries (Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands);

— cargo transportation in the CIS.

— transportation of goods from / to China


— Personnel manager

— Individual pricing policy

— Well-established document flow

— Cargo insurance

— Just in time delivery

— Comprehensive solutions for network providers

— Inbound and outbound logistics for manufacturers

— Transport packaging

— Responsible storage and consolidation


— Convenience of loading: the weight and size characteristics of cargo containers are excellent for cargo of various types and parameters.

— Versatility: cargo containers have an international standard that is applied all over the world. These standards allow the use of any type of transport for the transport of containers.

— Cost of transportation: one of the most economical ways to deliver goods over long distances.

— High level of security: cargo containers are airtight and durable.

Container types

REF (refrigerators)

suitable for products that require cold storage


open-top containers are used for transporting oversized cargo


is a platform (reinforced bottom of the container) and is used for the transportation of heavy or oversized cargo


tanks are designed for container transportation of liquid, bulk cargo of various types


are intended for transportation of packaged and unpacked piece cargoes, packaged liquid, bulk and bulk cargoes, large cargo units

How to order transportation?

1 . Contact our manager! Choose a convenient way to contact.

2 . Discussion of shipping details: weight, dimensions, temperature, unloading / loading times, transit delivery times.

3 . Filling out and signing documents, signing a contract, agreeing on the conditions for fulfilling your order.

4 . Delivery according to the application! Informing the client at all stages of cargo delivery.

5. Closing the workflow and control of outgoing documentation.

6. Quality control and guaranteed feedback, taking into account your wishes.

We strive to make our cooperation the most convenient for you!

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