RUZSPEDITION LLC provides a full range of services for the organization of road, air, sea and rail transportation of goods both in universal large-capacity containers 20 and 40 feet, refrigerated and tank containers, as well as in specialized containers such as “OPEN TOP”, “HARD TOP” and “FLAT RACK”.



the fastest land delivery method


one of the most versatile cargo delivery options


a profitable delivery option that gives maximum guarantees for the safety of the cargo along the way


the fastest transportation of goods by aircraft


transportation of any goods by two or more modes of transport


an inexpensive but reliable way to deliver products to countries with ports

3 hours to process a standard application

The optimum ratio of price and quality

Team of professionals (average experience of our employees in logistics is 8 years)

Quality control system for the organization of cargo transportation

Don’t know which solution is right for you?